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It's like swimming against the tide...
If you have read the copy of Children Relief you must
have a feeling of a desperate situation.
Take the example of Rachela, 7 years old, who need
to take care of 11 brothers and sisters. The parents are off,
searching for work. Robert, 6 years old is
regularly beaten by his drunken father.
The first words Narcisa of 5 years old is saying every day
at the kindergarten is: I am hungry. When are we going to eat?
The meal at school is the only food she is getting.
And then the host of children that are battered
and sexually assaulted by their stepfather.
And so a lot of children in Rumania and Ukraine
are walking around, meaningless and without a future.

Is helping not like swimming against the tide…
If you read all these messages, out of feelings of injustice
and helplessness all kind of radical solutions might
come up to stop the explosive growth of an irresponsible
number of children. The causes are with the parents.
You wonder if they realise how much pain
they cause their children. Probably not, because it just continues.
We feel called upon to give these children a better
life, a better future. And that is possible with this plan!

In Rupea a plan has been developed for the realisation
of a Study House. Specifically the girls from their 18th
then have the possibility to start a 3 year study, instead
of working in the household
and then often ending in the prostitution.!
The costs of this project amount to € 500.000

Many, many thanks on behalf of all girls from Rupea.

Proverbs 19: 17
He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord
And He will reward him for what he has done.

Children Relief is part of Oost Europa Zending.

farmarcy and store

a street with a view on the pride of Rupea

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