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Treatening darkness or hopeful light
In the picturesque village of Rupea in Mid Rumania
there is a Children's Home.
Children for which the parents have no time or food available
or children which are unwanted can fortunately enough
still be accommodated in this Children's Home.
60 – 80 children are living here,
mostly girls, in the age of 0 – 18 year.
Circumstances permitting, the children can go to school.
Here attention is also paid to the English language,
which is of importance because of Rumania joining
the European Union.
At 18 years most children have to leave the Children's Home
as at this age the home will no longer take care of them.

But where can they go?
Rupea does hardly provide any employment,
and certainly not for girls. For the mostly beautiful
looking girls there is often work
in the nearby big town of Brasov

This is mostly work as a domestic help in the household
of local private homes, but very often they end up
in the prostitution.!
Precious creatures are mentally murdered….
In Rupea is made plans to realise a Study House.
The girls and boys have then the possibility to conclude
a three years study and consequently have much better
job opportunities.
The costs for building such a Study House are € 500.000

Are you supporting our building plans?

The threatening darkness then changes into hopeful light
Arie Willem 't Hart
Contactman of the Study House

The house of Children